I love glitter.

On my nails, on my face ...definitely on my lips. I like sparkly jewelry and shiny white teeth. I just love glitter and shimmer and shine.

Christmas time is fun because LOTS of things glitter and shine!

At the moment my hair is NOT glittering or shining. Bad cut with short layers and dullish color. Blech! So I'll have to find glitter fun elsewhere.

Mikey went to the ER Sunday He's sporting a cool pirate patch right now. I'll see if I can get some pics. Basically he and Matthew were climbing the big Magnolia Tree in the front yard. Relatively harmless boy stuff. But then Mikey looked up to see where Matthew was and got an eye full of bark! Yuck. So he comes in screaming and crying and we got it out. But he still kept crying... it was REALLY bothering him. So I called the nurse line. Yep - gotta bring him in. The ER? P A C K E D!!!!! But they triage not by first come first serve but by injury or illness. Mikey's injury ranked up there pretty good since it was his eye. Turns out he scratched all of his eye up real good ... but the worst was the big scratch right on his retina. So he gets goo in his eye every 4 hours each day and then wears his patch so he doesn't rub at it. We only have to do that for a couple more days. They eye looks good. By the way ... all "oi" words AND eyeballs FREAK me OUT completely. So I am totally digging deep into my Mom Skills to adminster this stuff!

I'm on vacation until January 4th. I love that. I wasn to be on vacation forever (but still get paid somehow). I think that's called a job you love, right? Yeah, not happening! I LIKE my job but would give it up in a heartbeat ya know.

It's Christmas Eve now. It's lovely and quiet at the moment. I think about all the families who are missing somebody this year. There are too many. I realize how grateful and freakin' lucky I am to have both my boys, my husband, my parents and my other family members and close friends. They are all healthy. I'm very blessed.

Merry Christmas to anybody reading this. And Happy New Year too.

I think this blog will now begin to be just crap that comes out of my head every now and again. Maybe some pictures (need to get a pirate pic of Mikey). Sometimes a girl just needs an outlet and I believe this will be it. Kinda nice ... I doubt a soul is reading this so it's fun to just blah, blah, blah like nobody's reading.

I'm off to be my beauty rest. Why is it called that? I do NOT look beautiful in the morning. I look like shit. So weird. I think I'm missing out on something I'm supposed to be doing, right? Eh, who cares.... G'night.