Scott did it ...

Last night was awful ... I got ZERO sleep. I just tossed and turned, could not get comfortable and no matter what, sleep just would not come. Normally I would take an Ambien but I knew Scott would need help in the morning so I didn't (I sleep like a ROCK when I take one). Around 6:45AM I finally started to doze off after Scott and the boys went downstairs for breakfast. I had decided at that point to NOT be a help ... I know, stupid but I was in a sleep deprived haze! Well, a few short minutes later I was JOLTED out of my sleep to the sound of the gazillion decibel alarm of our new home security system. I jumped out of bed and ran to the keypad to shut it off (I'll be feeling THAT later I'm sure). Yep, Scott gets the award for setting off the very first false alarm. Dork! He literally opened a door with the system still armed! Grrrr.... I had thought for a split second the night before to put a sticky note on the door to the garage (that's the door we always use) and decided not to at the last minute. Today I'm going to Target and I will be purchasing some of those "SUPER" Sticky Notes and will be utilizing them going forward.

At least we know the alarm is REALLLLLLLY loud and it works! Sheesh!


I HATE Comcast!

Just had to get that off my chest. I would like to fire them ... but we're kind of stuck. I hate, hate, HATE Comcast. But I would really like to work for them because apparently, Comcast employees don't really have to do anything!


My Olympic Hero

Ok, ok ... I know EVERYbody is talking about Michael Phelps ... and I agree, quite an accomplishment and very impressive. BUT, my Olympic Hero is Dara Torres. She is 41 years young and a mother to her two year old daughter, Tessa. Her list of accomplishments is HUGE and she really comes across as a very gracious and kind person. Also, she is RIPPED! Have you seen her body??? Amazing ... GO DARA!


The Hills New Season!

Ok - yes, I realize I'm a TOTAL dork and I'm probably much too old to be into this but I LOVE "The Hills" on MTV. I'm so excited about the season premier THIS Monday! (See, told you I'm a dork!)

I'm totally OVER Lo ... I hate how she's coming between Lauren and Audrina. I don't know why she has to act like such a bitch all the time. It bugs me. Hopefully Audrina stays away from Justin Bobby this season - he's a total whore and a train wreck and Audrina is SUCH a sweet girl; she could do SO much better. I hope to see LESS of Heidi and Spencer - I HATE Spencer and I think Heidi is just stupid. I'm sick of their antics and their relationship is just retarded. Of course, I love Lauren ... I hope she finds a sweetie this season. That poor girl has the WORST luck with guys! And I hope her friends start treating her better too. Oh, and I really like Whitney ... I'm not sure if she'll be on this season or not but I hope so. She's a really good friend to Lauren and has never done anything shady. I do like Brody too ... as long as he's just a friend. He's a BAD boyfriend but a good boy friend - make sense?

Oh, and I always look forward to the music they play on the Hills too ... they always have great music!

And for anybody out there who says "it's not real" ... just know that I'm going to stick my fingers in my ears and say "lalalalalalala" to drown you out. Just because I'm 38 doesn't mean I can't have make believe! So there!

So Monday night at 10AM I'll be sitting on my sofa with a bowl of popcorn and the phone on silent so I can enjoy my guilty pleasure! Cheers!


Sour Patch Erin

Today there was a box in my mailbox ...

When Matthew brought me the box I thought it was a bomb ... but then saw it was from my good friend Erin and she would never send me a bomb so I opened it...

And this is what I found! OK - you have to understand the backstory on this. Erin is the NICEST person ever. Don't get me wrong - she DOES get mad but then she gets over it super fast. This Sourpatch Kid commercial totally reminds me of Erin and I told her so ... and she agreed. I think they must have studied Erin for a while and then used that to create the girl in the commercial. Seriously! So she MADE me my own little Sourpatch Kid - with the pigtail cut off and everything! I love it! Thank you Erin ... oh, and if you want to check out Erin's Etsy Store click HERE. It's new and she only has a few things (just opened today) but she'll be adding more stuff soon! Erin has been sewing a lot lately and creating some really cute things and she is ALWAYS making super cute cards too! So go check it out! You can also check out Erin's Crafting blog by clicking HERE. Erin has had her card designs published a GAZILLION times and she is also on the Eat Cake Graphics Design Team. I love her fun, quirky style - you will too!


And they're OFF! 1st Day of School

Here we go! My BABY is going to "big school" ... Kindergarten! Sniff, sniff! How time flies! Mikey is SO excited and can't wait to get to school. Matthew is equally excited about going in the 3rd grade - the "turning point" to becoming a "big kid"! I'm so proud of them both - don't they look handsome! Oh, I should add, Mikey HATES that little sign he has to wear. All the Kindergarteners have to wear one ... it tells the staff at the school who they are and where they belong in case they get lost. He thought it was so "baby"!

Matthew is going to look out for his little bro at school! They are getting there early today so he can give Mikey the "grand tour"! Lucky Mikey!

Bye Mommy!



I am incredibly bored during the day. My stamping room is upstairs and I can't do stairs very well just yet (sobs). So I'm bored. The other day Penny climbed up on the sofa next to me (she sleeps ALL day!) and curled herself up into the TINEST ball! So I decided to take a picture ...

Apparently I woke her up...

And then she sprawled out! Scott calls this the "just thrown from a building position". Don't you just love how she covers up her girly bits with her tail? hahahahaha!

6 Weeks ... not exactly a vacation though!

Well - I've been off work for almost 3 weeks. I'm recovering from a hysterectomy. Yuck! BUT, I know I'll feel tons better once I recover fully. I go back to work on September 2nd. I wish I could say I'm enjoying my time off but it's been kind of rough. I am getting better every week though - I just wish it was FASTER so maybe I COULD enjoy some of my "time off"! Matthew and Mikey go back to school tomorrow (SO early!) so at least I'll get to go have lunch with them before I go back to prison ... I mean, work! haha! Hopefully I'll get a couple of pictures tommorrow morning ... it's a BIG step for Mikey. He starts Kindergarten and goes to the "Big" school! He's excited and a little apprehensive. Luckily his BEST buddy, Joey, is in his class! How awesome is that! He was so excited and so was Joey. I went to "Sneak a Peek" last Thursday and saw that Joey and Mikey are sitting at the SAME table! I said to his Mom "Should we tell the teacher?" and she said "Nah, she'll figure it out soon enough"! haha!

Matthew's All Star Team

Here's the team photo of Matthew's All Star Team "The Raptors". They won (I have details in an older post)....Matthew is to the right of the really tall kid in the back row ...

Florida Pictures!!

I know it's been a while ... had a lot going on... but here are some pictures from our family trip to Florida in June. We had SO much fun!
I love this picture - my Mom took it. She was taking a picture of the boys and had just finished taking pictures of Hannah and Grace - see them in the background being silly! I love it!

Here's a cute one of Matthew & Mikey - it's tough to get them to slow down and sit still for a photo op!
See what I mean? Immediately after the photo was taken it was an impromptu wrestling match! haha!

Hannah while we were still at the dock. She's so cute!

This is my big brother, David, on the fishing boat, clearly having a great time! You can usually find him with a smile on his face... especially if he's fishing! He IS his father's son!

My 3 guys on the fishing boat! It was a fun day - we all really enjoyed fishing, the weather was glorious and we caught quite a few fish. I even got in on the action ... I caught a couple of Red Snappers (they were HARD to reel in). They got thrown back though for being under 16". I caugh a couple of other smaller fish but we got to keep those. Poppy has them frozen ... well, by now he's probably eaten them!

This picture cracks me UP! That's my niece, Gracie ... check out the expression on her face! She's so tiny and Scott is so, well ... LARGE! haha! Priceless...

Here's a shot of Matthew & Poppy. Matthew LOVES to fish ... I know Poppy is just SO disappointed about that (NOT!) We are so blessed to have my Mom and Dad in our lives and have them so involved with the boys. Poppy takes Matthew & Mikey fishing all the time at home too! Matthew is an eager student and really loves fishing. They had a BLAST on this fishing trip in Florida! I wish I could remember the name of the boat we went out on. They had a mate on the boat who was a woman and she was amazing with the kids! She picked up on Matthew's love of fishing pretty quickly and took him out on the back part of boat (not sure what that's called but it's closer to the water) and helped him fish with LIVE bait! It was so cool! Matthew loved it!
Matthew collecting seashells. That little bucket is from the restaurant the night before ... all the kids got one. Came in handy the next day - they each had their very own bucket!
Matthew & Hannah hunting for "treasure" on the beach!
This is my niece Gracie! She is small but mighty! She really loves the beach and has so much fun building stuff in the sand and also collecting "creatures". Her favorite is Sand Fleas. (YUCK!) Isn't she cute? She and Matthew are big buddies - they have a lot in common and they are only a year apart.

Mikey chillin' in the shade!

Matthew - ever in motion - playing football with Scott in the surf. He's never played football as a sport on a team ... but he has quite an arm !He throws well AND catches well!

And of course, lots of catch with the baseball - we don't go ANYwhere without gloves and baseballs! Here's Mikey patiently waiting for Scott to throw the ball!