Baseball Season

Here we go!  One boy in travel baseball... the other in recreational baseball.  We will be doing a lot of dividing and conquering.  It's all worth it though.  The boys love the game and we love to watch them play.  It will be no fun missing games as I know I will HAVE to miss some (to be at the others) but such is life as a mom of two boys, right? 

Mikey's season just started.  Matthew's team has been practicing hard all winter long.  It payed off today.  We played the team that didn't want Matthew (and thank the Good Lord above they didn't want him).  We WON!  Matthew had an outstanding game today and we are very proud of him.  Our coaches are awesome and I was also so proud of them.  The coach for the opposing team (the team Matthew could have wound up on) was AWFUL!  Screaming and yelling at his players, arguing with the umpires ... sheesh!  And this was "just a scrimmage".  Can you imagine what a "real" game would be like?  Yikes.  We still have some good friends on that team and I was disappointed to see how they were treated.  There were also some people I thought were our friends and have learned they are not.  That's OK ... good to know where you stand with people, right?  I'm sure we'll see our fair share of losses this season but it was wonderful to get a "W" today!

Mikey has had a few practices in his new league.  Some things are different there ... some the same as any other baseball league.  Mikey is happy though and that's all that matters!

I'm SO HAPPY it's BASEBALL season!  Bring on the sunshine and warm weather :)  I'm ready.

22 gone!

22 lbs. gone forever!  I love it!  Still have a good long way to go (42 lbs more) but it feels so good to have gotten this far!  I'm doing a happy dance in my incredibly baggy pants!  LOL!