Allergies from Hell

Mikey and Scott. Apparently both VERY allergic to outdoor allergens. And this pollen season is awful. :( Scott is being stubborn (what else is new) and refusing to go to the doctor. Mikey is only 7 so has no choice! He woke up one night barely able to breathe so I took him in for a second visit. Lung obstruction ... allergy induced asthma. Crap. So now he has two different inhalers, nose spray and 3 other medications he takes ... oh, and eye drops since most days he's ready to scratch his eyes out. So effing miserable. Hopefully everything will settle down soon and we'll be past the constant coughing, sneezing, wheezing and sniffling that is going in at our house right now.

Carpet Woes (aka Excel Carpet SUCKS)

So when we decided to put the house on the market last year we knew we had to do some minor touch ups. So we painted and did some landscaping and did some editing of furniture. We also got new carpet. We REALLY needed new carpet. So we spent several thousand dollars and went for it. We went with a company our agent recommended. Excel Carpet. THEY SUCK! We had a frieze carpet put in the family room and the dining room. We immeidatley noticed fraying at the thresholds. They told it that was "normal" and would "settle down" eventually. So we let it go. Fast forward to now ... we have BALD spots at the thresholds because the fraying is so bad. The carpet is literally unraveling. Additionally you can pick up the carpet from anywhere around the room. It pulls away from the wall and pops up when I get the vacuum too close to the perimeter of the carpet. We called Excel. Their solution to the threshold issue? Cover it with nasty metal strips. Um, no. I've avoided calling them back because it stresses me out SO badly dealing with them. I think I may just report them to the BBB and let the BBB mediate it. I know they installed the carpet incorrectly (based on research). I should also point out we had to have them come out 4 times AFTER the install to correct multiple other issues due to incorrect installation. Also, they installed a cheap pad instead of the upgraded pad we paid for. I discovered that on my own and they were forced to replace it. I'm still not convinced we have the right pad installed. My opinion is the only way to make this right is for them to refund my money so I can get new carpet installed somewhere else. But they could really give a crap about their customers so I guesss we'll just suck it up and get our carpet replaced AGAIN when we've saved up enough to do so. So if you are reading this and you live in the Atlanta Metro area and ever need new flooring ... steer WAY clear of Excel Carpet.

That was a long break...

Just noticed my last update was December 24th. Hmmm... I was SUPPOSED to be using this as an outlet? Guess I kinda forgot about it with life and all. LOL!

So since December what's been going on? Well basketball season ended and baseball season started FINALLY! Mikey and Matthew both love basketball (much to my chagrin). I think it's my ADD ... I dunno but basketball drives me CRAZY! There are so many damned noises going on ... I usually leave the games with a screaming headache. But my boys love it so I support them. Thank GOD it's baseball season now. Because I love baseball and I love watching my boys play baseball. THEY love baseball.

Work is work. It's kind of miserable. This new department I'm working in, everybody is SO stressed out all the time. LOTS of negative energy going on. It's very draining. So I try my best to get my work done and at the end of the day leave it all behind. So far, so good. I'm SUPER lucky to have a job that pays well and provides good health insurance for my family so I remind myself of that several times a day. Many people would happily trade their stress of not having any income with my stress. I'd rather not trade.