That was a long break...

Just noticed my last update was December 24th. Hmmm... I was SUPPOSED to be using this as an outlet? Guess I kinda forgot about it with life and all. LOL!

So since December what's been going on? Well basketball season ended and baseball season started FINALLY! Mikey and Matthew both love basketball (much to my chagrin). I think it's my ADD ... I dunno but basketball drives me CRAZY! There are so many damned noises going on ... I usually leave the games with a screaming headache. But my boys love it so I support them. Thank GOD it's baseball season now. Because I love baseball and I love watching my boys play baseball. THEY love baseball.

Work is work. It's kind of miserable. This new department I'm working in, everybody is SO stressed out all the time. LOTS of negative energy going on. It's very draining. So I try my best to get my work done and at the end of the day leave it all behind. So far, so good. I'm SUPER lucky to have a job that pays well and provides good health insurance for my family so I remind myself of that several times a day. Many people would happily trade their stress of not having any income with my stress. I'd rather not trade.